Red_Star_Box Nashville Rising Star has connected more people to more opportunities the last 5 years than all of Nashville has in the last 10!
Ricky B (producer/bassist)

Nashville Rising Star is a singer-songwriter open mic contest open to all songwriters of any genre or level of talent. The event is a weekly series totaling 9 events and is held in Cool Springs/Franklin. Our venue for Series 9 is Kings Bowl - The Whiskey Room

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The event is facilitated by Keith Mohr of Mohr Music Productions. Keith has facilitated the same contest, under different names since 2009. The event is regarded as the premier vehicle for songwriters to share their original songs in front of attentive audiences and credible industry judges.

What makes Nashville Rising Star unique is the audience (both at the venue and online streaming) votes for their favorite song via an online poll at the end of the event. Industry judges also select their favorite song based on quality of the songwriting and commercial potential. At the end of each event, voting is tabulated and winners are announced. Each preliminary winner receives a $20 Kings Bowl gift card.

There are 7 weekly preliminary events. The semi-final features 14 preliminary round winners who go head to head. The audience picks 1 writer and the judges pick 3 writers to move onto the final round. At the final round, the 4 finalists perform 4 original songs each. The final grand prize winner is selected by industry judges, plus audience vote.  The final grand prize winner receives $500 cash from our main sponsor Kings Bowl - The Whiskey Room, plus career advancing services and other prizes provided by our sponsors and partners. Check out our complete list of prizes here. For more info on the event rules and guidelines, visit our Rules Page


12046588_887742721316421_7105910583703057831_n"What's great about Nashville Rising Star (NRS) is that it truly gives everyone a chance. It doesn't discriminate on style or genre. Anyone with a song has an equal chance to not only be heard, but also critiqued by industry professionals. NRS is "all about the song" at its core, but has been so much more for me along the way. Hands down, the best parts of NRS is how it has connected me with other writers. This really hit home at the final round of NRS. Don't get me wrong, it's a tremendous honor to be on that stage, let alone win the entire event, but to look out and see so many other talented writers/participants, who started out as strangers and ended up as friends is absolutely humbling. Seeing them in the audience, alongside friends and family, cheering, voting, listening, even singing along is what makes my NRS experience memorable. NRS has been the bridge to some of the greatest friendships I have made while in Nashville." ~Adam Bruno Series 4 Grand Prize Winner