Congratulations on making the final round of Nashville Rising Star! We're excited you made the cut and are in the running to be our grand prize winner for this series!

Here's how the final round works.

* Each of you will perform 4 songs.

* All of you will be on stage the entire time, and you will take turns performing your song, in the round format.

* The viewing audience, (at the venue and online) will choose 1 song out of the 16 total songs as their favorite song. That song will earn 25 rate points and be added to the master score sheet where we tabulate total rate points for all songs.

* The music industry judges will each write down a number rating from 1-100 for each of the 16 songs on their score sheet. 100 being best. We will collect their voting sheets after the last song is shared, and add up the totals for each song on a master sheet.

* The song with the most combined rate points is our grand prize winning song!


Here are a few important things for you to be aware of to get prepared and ready for the final round, taking place Wednesday March 8 at 8:00PM at The Whiskey Room Live at Kings Bowl.

1- Promote the event to your friends, fans, and followers! Post these on your Facebook and Twitter a few times per day from now until the event, it may just help you win the entire event! Let's work together to get more people involved in the event and learn about all of you! Here's a suggested post:

Facebook Post:
I'm excited to have made the final round of Nashville Rising Star songwriter open-mic contest! I need your vote to be the grand prize winner! Watch live and vote Wednesday, May 31 at 8PM central at:

Twitter Post:
I made the finals of .@NashRisingStar songwriter contest! I need your vote to be the grand prize winner! Watch live and vote Wednesday, May 31 at 8PM central at:

2- Please be sure to check in with us no later than 7:00. Get there EARLY if you want your friends to have the best seats. Bring some fans to support you!

3- Please be sure ahead of time that your guitar is in working condition. Put fresh strings on and change the battery and shine it up. We want to be sure your performance is great the moment you hit the stage! Make sure your guitar is in tune!

4- Let me know the 4 songs you will be sharing ASAP by text at (931) 674-1799

5- If you need to reach me the day of the event, my # is (931) 674-1799. Text me there.

6- The Grand Prize winner will receive their $500 check from Kings Bowl within 2 weeks. We'll have an envelope that will have a dummy check in it to hand to our winner:) We'll need the winner to fill out a W-9 form for tax purposes.


1- Megan Ariel
2- Jordan St. Cyr
3- JoyBeth Taylor
4- Will Scruggs

Thanks for being a part of Nashville Rising Star!
Let me know if you have any questions!
Keith Mohr