Help us pick the audience winner of Nashville Rising Star Series 10 Final Round on Wednesday October 25, 2017 starting at 8:00PM central time!

Watch the event live starting at 8pm central time Wednesday October 25, 2017 HERE

To vote for your favorite song, click this link: We will all see the voting results in real time, and we'll announce our winners at the end of the event.


Voting will occur after we announce voting is open. This occurs after the LAST songwriter shares their song for the event and we announce that voting is open.
We will close voting after 15 minutes.
You cannot select more than 1 song.
You cannot change your vote once selected.
You cannot vote more than 1 time.
We do not make you sign up, or leave an email address or anything to vote. Voting is anonymous.

Here’s how the final round works and how our grand prize winner will be selected.

  • Each songwriter will perform 4 original songs.
  • Each songwriter will be on stage the entire time, and will take turns performing their song, in the round format.
  • The viewing audience, (at the venue and online) will choose 1 song out of the 16 total songs as their favorite song. That song will earn 25 rate points and be added to the master score sheet where we tabulate total rate points for all songs.
  • The music industry judges will each write down a number rating from 1-100 for each of the 16 songs on their score sheet. 100 being best. We will collect their voting sheets after the last song is shared, and add up the totals for each song on a master sheet.
  • The song with the most combined rate points is our grand prize winning song!